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Contents of Volume 21 Issue 2 March 2015

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Carlos Costa,
"The political economy of party building: Theory and evidence from Peru's infrastructure development programme" 169-182.
Rachel K. Gibson,
"Party change, social media and the rise of  'citizen-initiated' campaigning" 183-197.
Anke Tresch, Jonas Lefevere and Stefaan Wallgrave,
"'Steal me if you can!' The impact of camapign messages on asociative issue ownership" 198-208.
Naofumi Fujimura,
"The influence of electoral institutions on legislative representation: Evidence from Japan's single non-transferable vote and single memeber district systems"209-221.
Pedro Reira,
"Electoral systems and the Sheriff of Nottingham: Determnantes of dispropotionality in
new and established lberal democracies" 222-233.
Kenny J Whitby,
"Impact of organizational vitality on Black voter turnout in the South" 234-245.
Andrea Ceron,
"Brave rebels stay at home: Assessing the effect of intra-party ideological hetrogeneity
party whip roll call on votes" 246-258.
Thomas M Meyer and Berhard Miller,
"The niche party concept and its measurement" 259-271.
Paolo Bellucci, Diego Garzia and Michael S Lewis-Beck
"Issues and leaders as vote determinants: The case of Italy" 272-283.
Ulrich Sieberer
"Using MP statements to explain MP voting behaviour in the German Bundestag: An induvidual level test of the Competing Priciples Theory" 284-294
Yen Pin-Su
"Party registration rules and party systems in Latin America" 295-308
Elena Gadjanova
"Measurung parties' ethnic appeals in democracies" 309-327

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Book Reviews

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ECPR Press: Colchester, 2013
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State University of New York Press: Albany, 2013
Party Politics, 21 (March 2015), 329-330.
Susan Franceschet, Mona Lena Krook and Jenifer Piscipo (eds), The impact of gender quotas. Miki Caul Kittilson and Leslie Schwindt-Bayer,  The gendered effects of electoral institutions: Political engagement and participation (Reviewed by Karen Celis) . 
Oxford University Press
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Florence Faucher-King and Patrick Le Gales, The new labour experiment: Change  and reform under Blair and Brown. Judi Atkins, Justifying new labour policy (Reviewed by Sarah Hale)
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