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Contents of Volume 21 Issue 1 January 2015

Kenneth Janda,
"Party Politics at age 20: What did it cover?" 4-9.
Robert Harmel and Alexander C Tan,
"A complete parties' scholar: Kenneth Janda as a teacher/researcher, conceptualizer and operationalizer, data-builder, and theorizer and tester" 10-16.
Ingo Rohlfing,
"Asset or liability? An analysis of the effect of changes in party membership on partisan ideological change" 17-27.
Anthony Mughan,
          "Parties, conditionality and leader effects in parliamentary elections"28-39.
Luke March and Charlotte Rommerskirchen,
"Out of left field? Explaining the variable electoral success of European radical left parties" 40-53.
Tjitske Akkerman,
"Immigration policy and electoral competition in Western Europe: A fine-grained analysis of party positions over the past two decades" 54-67.
Gijs Schumacher,
"When does the left do the right thing? A study of party position change on welfare policies" 68-79.
Jane Green,
"Party and voter incentives at the crowded centre of British politics" 80-99.
Tom WG van der Meer, Erika van Elsas, Rozemarijin Lubbe and Wouter van der Brug,
"Are volatile voters erratic, whimsical or seriously picky? A panle study of  58 waves into the nature of electoral volatility (The Netherlands 2006-2010" 100-114.
Joost van Spanje and Claes de Vreese,
"The good, the bad and the voter: The impact of hate speech prosecution of a politician on electoral support for his party" 115-130.
Erik S Herron and Nazar Boyoko
"Horizontal accountability during political transition: The use of deputy requests in Ukraine, 2002-2006" 131-142
Ryan Bakker, Catherine de Vries, Erica Edwards, Liesbet Hooghe, Seth Jolly, Gary Marks, Jonathen Polk, Jan Rovny, Marco Steenbergen and Milada Anna Vachudova
"Measuring party positions in Europe: The Chapel Hill expert survey trend file, 1999-2010" 143-152
Edina Szocsik and Christina Isabel Zuber
"EPAC   a new datatset on ethnonationalism in party competition in 22 European democracies" 153-160

Book Reviews
[All available at ]
Iain McMenamin, If money talks, what does it say? Corruption and business financing of political parties (Reviewed by Sam Power)
Oxford University Press, 2013
          Party Politics, 21 (January 2015), 161-162
Christopher S Parker and Matt A Barreto, Change they can't believe in (Reviewed byMarty Cohen)
Prnceton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2013
Party Politics, 21 (January 2015), 162-163.

Henning Meyer and Jonathen Rutherford (eds), The future of European social democracy: Building the good society, Olaf Cramme and Partrick Diamond (eds), After the third way: The future of social democracy in Europe (Reviewed by David J Bailey)
Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012
London: I.B. Tauris, 2012
Party Politics, 21 (January 2015), 163-164.

David Redvaldsen, The labour Party in Britain and Norway: Election and the pursuit of power between the World Wars (Reviewed by Nick Sitter)
London: Palgrave I.B Tauris.(2011)
Party Politics, 21 (January 2015), 164-165.

Dominic Wring, Roger Mortimore and Simon Atkinson, , Political communication in Britain: The leader debates, the campaign and the media in the 2010 general election(Reviewed by Nigel Jackson)
Basingstoke,UK: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
Party Politics, 21 (January 2015), 165-166.

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