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Contents of Volume 20 Issue 5 September 2014

Ora John Reuter and Rostislav Turovsky,
"Dominant party rule and legislative leadership in authoritarian regimes," 663-674.
Petra Schleiter and Alisa M Voznaya,
"Party system competitiveness and corruption," 675-686.
Ching-Hsing Wang,
"The effects of party fractionalization and party polarization on democracy," 687-699.
Mehmet Kabasakal,
"Factors influencing intra-party democracy and membership rights: The case of Turkey," 700-711.
Meg Russell,
"Parliamentary party cohesion: Some explanations from psychology," 712-723.
Mikael Persson,
"Social network position mediates the effect of education on active political party membership," 724-739.
Kuniaki Nemoto, Robert Pekkanen, and Ellis Krauss,
"Over-nominating candidates, undermining the party: The collective action problem under SNTV in Japan," 740-750.
Scott Morgenstern, John Polga-Hecimovich, and Peter M Siavelis,
"Ni Chicha ni Limoná: Party Nationalization in Pre- and Post-Authoritarian Chile," 751-766.
Konstantin Vössing,
"Predictably exceptional: The failure of social democracy and the formation of American labour politics in comparative perspective" 767-777.
Christoph Arndt,
"Social democracy's mobilization of new constituencies: The role of electoral systems," 778-790.
Katrin Schermann and Laurenz Ennser-Jedenastik,
"Explaining coalition-bargaining outcomes: Evidence from Austria, 2002&endash;2008," 791-801.
Thomas M Meyer and Wolfgang C Müller,
"Testing theories of party competition: The Austrian case," 802-813.

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