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Contents of Volume 20 Issue 3 May 2014

Annemarie S Walter,
"Choosing the enemy: Attack behaviour in a multiparty system," 311-323.
Hila Federer-Shtayer and Michael F Meffert,
"The block-weighted cleavage salience index," 324-329.
Marc van de Wardt,
"Putting the damper on: Do parties de-emphasize issues in response to internal divisions among their supporters?" 330-340.
Albert Falcó-Gimeno,
"The use of control mechanisms in coalition governments: The role of preference tangentiality and repeated interactions," 341-356.
Maruice Mangum,
"Party competence perceptions and the party identification of African Americans," 357-367
Marc Hooghe and Ruth Dassonneville,
"Party members as an electoral linking mechanism: An election forecasting model for political parties in Belgium, 1981-2010," 368-380.
Matteo Vergani,
"Local political subcultures and party activism in Italy: The case of the Democratic Party," 381-390.
Sandra León,
"How does decentralization affect electoral competition of state-wide parties? Evidence from Spain," 391-402,
Ana Maria Belchior,
"Explaining MPs' perceptions of voters' positions in a party-mediated representation system: Evidence from the Portuguese case," 403-415.
Matthew Wall, André Krouwel, and Thomas Vitiello,
"Do voters follow the recommendations of voter advice application websites? A study of the effects of on its users' vote choices in the 2010 Dutch legislative elections," 416-428.
Christopher Raymond and Brian M Barros Feltch,
"Parties, cleavages and issue evolution: The case of the religious-secular cleavage in Chile," 429-443.
Susan M Miller and L. Marvin Overby,
"Discharge petitions and the conditional nature of agenda control in the U.S. House of Representatives," 444-455.
Mariela Szwarcberg,
"Political parties and rallies in Latin America," 456-466.
Shane Martin,
"Why electoral systems don't always matter: The impact of 'mega-seats' on legislative behaviour in Ireland," 467-479.

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