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Contents of Volume 20 Issue 2 March 2014

Themed issue: Party adaptation and change and the crisis of democracy:
Essays in honour of Peter Mair
Ingrid van Biezen and Petr Kopeck,
"The cartel party and the state: Party-state linkages in European democracies," 170-182.
Richard S Katz,
"No man can serve two masters: Party politicians, party members, citizens and principal agent models of democracy," 183-193.
Zsolt Enyedi,
"The discreet charm of political parties," 194-204.
Ingrid van Biezen and Thomas Poguntke,
"The decline of membership-based politics," 205-216.
Cas Mudde,
"Fighting the system? Populist radical right parties and party system change," 217-226.
R Michael Alvarez, Ines Levin, Peter Mair, and Alexander Trechsel,
"Party preferences in the digital age: The impact of voting advice applications," 227-236.
Non-themed section
Ann Towns, Erika Karlsson, and Joshua Eyre,
"The equality conundrum: Gender and nation in the ideology of the Sweden Democrats," 237-247.
Matthias Fatke,
"Allure or alternative? Direct democracy and party identification," 248-260.
Paul A Beck and Erik D Heidemann,
"Changing strategies in grassroots canvassing: 1956?2012," 261-274.
Laurie Beaudonnet and Pavlos Vasilopoulos,
"Green parties in hard times: The case of EELV in the 2012 French presidential election," 275-285.
Kirill Zhirkov,
"Nativist but not alienated: A comparative perspective on the radical right vote in Western Europe," 286-296.
Detlef Jahn,
"What is left and right in comparative politics? A response to Simon Franzmann," 297-301.

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