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Contents of Volume 20 Issue 1 January 2014

Grigorii V Golosov,
"Towards a classification of the world's democratic party systems, step 2: Placing the units into categories," 3-15.
Fernando Casal Bertoa,
"Party systems and cleavage structures revisited: A sociological explanation of party system institutionalization in East Central Europe," 16-36.
Meital Balmas, Gideon Rahat, Tamir Sheafer, and Shaul R Shenhav,
"Two routes to personalized politics: Centralized and decentralized personalization," 37-51.
Olli Hellmann,
"Outsourcing candidate selection: The fight against clientelism in East Asian parties," 52-62.
Ryan E Carlin,
"What's not to trust? Rubrics of political party trustworthiness in Chile and Argentina," 63-77.
Ken Victor Leonard Hijino,
"Intra-party conflicts over gubernatorial campaigns in Japan: Delegation or franchise?," 78-88.
Robert Johns and Heinz Brandenburg,
"Giving voters what they want? Party orientation perceptions and preferences in the British electorate," 89-104.
Daniel J Young,
"An initial look into party switching in Africa: Evidence from Malawi," 105-115.
Miquel Pellicer and Eva Wegner,
"Socio-economic voter profile and motives for Islamist support in Morocco," 116-133.
Michael Thrasher, Galina Borisyuk, Colin Rallings, and Luke Sloan,
"Voting systems in parallel and the benefits for small parties: An examination of Green Party candidates in London elections," 134-142.

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Ed Turner, Political parties and public policy in the German Lander--When parties matter (Reviewed by Henrik Scheller Henrik Scheller)
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