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Contents of Volume 19 Issue 6 November 2013

 Patrick Dunleavy and Rekha Diwakar,
"Analysing multiparty competition in plurality rule elections," 855-886.
Matthew Goodwin, Robert Ford, and David Cutts,
"Extreme right foot soldiers, legacy effects and deprivation: A contextual analysis of the leaked British National Party (BNP) membership list," 887-906.  
Derek S Hutcheson,
"Party cartels beyond Western Europe: Evidence from Russia," 907-924.
Thomas T Holyoke,
"The interest group effect on citizen contact with Congress," 925-944.
Staffan I Lindberg,
"Have the cake and eat it: The rational voter in Africa," 945-961.
Hans Noel,
"Which long coalition? The creation of the anti-slavery coalition," 962-984.
Kevin Byrne and Eoin O'Malley,
"What's in a name? Using surnames as data for party research," 985-997.

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last update November 2013