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Contents of Volume 19 Issue 5 September 2013

 John Ishiyama, Anna Batta, and Angela Sortor,
"Political parties, independents and the electoral market in sub-Saharan Africa," 695-712.
Lori Thorlakson,,
"Measuring vertical integration in parties with multi-level systems data," 713-734.
 Danielle Resnick,
"Do electoral coalitions facilitate democratic consolidation in Africa?," 735-757.
Christina Isabel Zuber,
"Beyond outbidding? Ethnic party strategies in Serbia," 758-777.
Nicole Bolleyer and Anika Gauja,
"Parliamentary salaries as a party resource: Party organizational power in Westminster democracies," 778-797.
Samuel DeCanio and Corwin D. Smidt,
"Prelude to populism: Mass electoral support for the Grange and Greenback parties," 798-820.
Carsten Jensen and Jens Peter Frølund Thomsen,
"Can party competition amplify mass ideological polarization over public policy? The case of ethnic exclusionism in Denmark and Sweden," 821-840.
"Corrigendum," 851.

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