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Contents of Volume 19 Issue 4 July 2013

 Karl Loxbo,
"The fate of intra-party democracy: Leadership autonomy and activist influence in the mass party and the cartel party," 537-554.
 Christopher Raymond and Moisés Arce,
"The politicization of indigenous identities in Peru," 555-576.
Shane Mac Giollabhuí,
"How things fall apart: Candidate selection and the cohesion of dominant parties in South Africa and Namibia," 577-600.
Nisha Mukherjee,
"Party systems and human well-being," 601-623.
Liselotte Libbrecht, Bart Maddens, and Wilfried Swenden,
"Party competition in regional elections: The strategies of state-wide parties in Spain and the United Kingdom," 624-640.
Ann-Marie Ekengren and Henrik Oscarsson,
"Party elites' perceptions of voting behaviour," 641-664.
Marc André Bodet,
"Representation at the margins: The impact of governing parties on spending in Canada," 665-682.

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last update November 2013