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Contents of Volume 19 Issue 2 March 2013

Special Issue: Religious parties and the inclusion-moderation thesis
Guest Edtors: Manfred Brocker and Mirjam Künkler
Special Issue Articles
Manfred Brocker and Mirjam Künkler,
"Religious parties: Revisiting the inclusion-moderation hypothesis - Introduction," 171-186.
Steven T. Wuhs,
"Inclusion and its moderating effects on ideas, interests and institutions: Mexico's Partido Acción Nacional," 187-209.
Michael Buehler,
"Revisiting the inclusion-moderation thesis in the context of decentralized institutions: The behavior of Indonesia's Prosperous Justice Party in national and local politics," 210-229.
Sarah Wilson Sokhey and A. Kadir Yildirim,
"Economic liberalization and political moderation: The case of anti-system parties," 230-255.
Carolyn M. Warner,
"Christian Democracy in Italy: An alternative path to religious party moderation," 256-276.
Regular Articles
Pradeep Chhibber,
"Dynastic parties: Organization, finance and impact," 277-295.
Oleh Protsyk and Stela Garaz,
"Politicization of ethnicity in party manifestos," 296-318.
Ann Grzymala-Busse,
"Why there is (almost) no Christian Democracy in post-communist Europe?" 319-342.
Carl Dahlström and Peter Esaiasson,
"The immigration issue and anti-immigrant party success in Sweden 1970-2006: A deviant case analysis," 343-364.
Corrigendum to Sonia Alonso and Sara Claro da Fonseca, "Immigration, left and right," Party Politics 18 (2012, 6).
On page numbers 865 and 884 the co-author's name was misspelled as Saro Claro da Fonseca. The correct name is Sara Claro da Fonseca.

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