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Contents of Volume 18 Issue 5 September 2012

Misa Nishikawa,
"Electoral and party system effects on ruling party durability," 633-652.
Ignacio Lago,
"Strategic voting in proportional representation systems: Evidence from a natural experiment," 653-665.
Tània Verge and Raúl Gómez,
"Factionalism in multi-level contexts: When party organization becomes a device," 667-685.
Jeanette Ashe and Kennedy Stewart,
"Legislative recruitment: Using diagnostic testing to explain underrepresentation," 687-707.
Martin Ejnar Hansen and Marc Debus,
"The behaviour of political parties and MPs in the parliaments of the Weimar Republic," 709-726.
Ekaterina Levintova,
"Being the opposition in contemporary Russia: The Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF) among social-democratic, Marxist-Leninist and nationalist-socialist discourses," 727-747.
Kim Fridkin, Patrick Kenney, and Sarah Gershon,
"Comparing the views of superdelegates and Democratic voters in the 2008 Democratic nomination campaign," 749-770.
George Hawley,
"Home affordability, female marriage rates and vote choice in the 2000 US presidential election: Evidence from US counties," 771-789.

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