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Contents of Volume 18 Issue 3 May 2012

Helene Helboe Pedersen,
"Policy-seeking parties in multiparty systems: Influence or purity?" 297-314.
Nicole Bolleyer,
"New party organization in Western Europe: Of party hierarchies, stratarchies and federations," 315-336.
Robert Harmel and Alexander C. Tan,
"One-party rule or multiparty competition? Chinese attitudes to party system alternatives," 337-347.
Jonathan Boston and David Bullock,
"Multi-party governance: Managing the unity-distinctiveness dilemma in executive coalitions," 349-368.
Luis Felipe Mantilla,
"Scripture, structure and the formation of Catholic parties: The case of Venezuela," 369-390.
Matthew Carlson,
"Financing democracy in Japan: The allocation and consequences of government subsidies to political parties," 391-408.
Narelle Miragliotta,
"From local to national: Explaining the formation of the Australian Green Party," 409-425.

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