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Contents of Volume 18 Issue 1 January 2012

Special issue: Political parties and interest groups: Qualifying the common wisdom
Guest editors: Elin Haugsgjerd Allern and Tim Bale
Richard S. Katz,
"Peter Mair," 3-6. Obituary.
Elin H Allern and Tim Bale,
"Political parties and interest groups: Disentangling complex relationships," 7-25.
Flemming J Christiansen,
"Organizational de-integration of political parties and interest groups in Denmark," 27-43.
Tània Verge,
"Party strategies towards civil society in new democracies: The Spanish case," 45-60.
Carlos Jalali, Patrícia Silva, and Sandra Silva,
"Givers and takers: Parties, state resources and civil society in Portugal," 61-80.
Anne Rasmussen,
"Interest group-party interaction in EU politics," 81-98.
Elin Haugsgjerd Allern and Tim Bale,
"Conclusion: Qualifying the common wisdom," 99-106.
Richard S. Katz and Peter Mair,
"Parties, interest groups and cartels: A comment," 107-111.

Book Reviews
[All available at ]
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David Karol, Party position change in American politics: Coalition management.
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Party Politics, 18 (January, 2012), 115-117. (Reviewed by Benjamin G. Bishin)
Mona Lena Krook, Quotas for women and politics. Gender and candidate selection reform worldwide.
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Party Politics, 18 (January, 2012), 117-119. (Reviewed by Karen Celis)
Tim Bale, The conservative party: From Thatcher to Cameron.
Cambridge: Polity Press, 2010.
Party Politics, 18 (January, 2012), 119-121. (Reviewed by David Seawright)
William Hale and Ergun Ozbudun, Islamism, democracy and liberalism in Turkey: The case of the AKP.
London and New York: Routledge, 2010.
Party Politics, 18 (January, 2012), 121-123. (Reviewed by Julinda Hoxha)
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