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Contents of Volume 17 Issue 6 November 2011

Andrew J. Drummond,
"Assimilation, contrast and voter projections of parties in left-right space: Does the electoral system matter? 711-743.
Detlef Jahn,
"Conceptualizing Left and Right in comparative politics: Towards a deductive approach," 745-765.
Michelle Kuenzi and Gina M. S. Lambright,
"Who votes in Africa? An examination of electoral participation in 10 African countries," 767-799.
José Fernández-Albertos and Víctor Lapuente,
"Doomed to disagree? Party-voter discipline and policy gridlock under divided government," 801-822.
Jungkun Seo,
"Wedge-issue dynamics and party position shifts: Chinese exclusion debates in the post-Reconstruction US Congress, 1879-1882," 823-847

Book Reviews
[All available at ]
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Kevin Hickson (ed.) The Political Thought of the Liberals and Liberal Democrats since 1945.
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