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Contents of Volume 17 Issue 3 May 2011

Lawrence Ezrow, Catherine De Vries, Marco Steenbergen, and Erica Edwards,
"Mean voter representation and partisan constituency representation: Do parties respond to the mean voter position or to their supporters?" 275-301.
Shlomit Barnea and Gideon Rahat,
"'Out with the old, in with the ''new''': What constitutes a new party?" 303-320.
Rens Vliegenthart and Stefaan Walgrave,
"When the media matter for politics: Partisan moderators of the mass media's agenda-setting influence on parliament in Belgium," 321-342.
Elodie Fabre,
"Measuring party organization: The vertical dimension of the multi-level organization of state-wide parties in Spain and the UK," 343-363.
Jih-wen Lin.
"The endogenous change in electoral systems: The case of SNTV," 365-384.
Catherine Moury,
"Coalition agreement and party mandate: How coalition agreements constrain the ministers," 385-404.
Heather Stoll,
"Dimensionality and the number of parties in legislative elections," 405-429.

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