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Contents of Volume 16 Issue 3 May 2010

Luigi Curini,
"Experts' Political Preferences and Their Impact on Ideological Bias: An Unfolding Analysis based on a Benoit-Laver Expert Survey," 299-321.
Andrea C. Hatcher,
"A Man for All Seasons: Partisan Constraints on U.S. Senate Majority Leaders," 323-346.
Christoffer Green-Pedersen,
"Bringing Parties Into Parliament: The Development of Parliamentary Activities in Western Europe," 347-369.
Willy Jou,
"Toward a Two-Party System or Two Party Systems?: Patterns of Competition in Japan's Single-Member Districts, 1996-2005," 370-393.
Matt Evans,
"Electoral Reform and Political Pluralism in Local Government," 394-413.

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