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Contents of Volume 16 Issue 1 January 2010

Andrea B. Haupt,
"Parties' Responses to Economic Globalization: What is Left for the Left and Right for the Right?" 5-27.
Jóhanna Kristín Birnir,
"Where Are the Disgruntled Voters? Voter-Party Relations under Cartelizing Conditions," 29-49.
Riccardo Pelizzo,
"Party Direction The Italian Case in Comparative Perspective," 51-67.
Günes¸ Murat Tezcür,
"The Moderation Theory Revisited: The Case of Islamic Political Actors," 69-88.
Indraneel Sircar and Bjørn Høyland,
"Get the Party Started: Development of Political Party Legislative Dynamics in the Irish Free State Seanad (1922-36)," 89-110.
Susumu Shikano and Eric Linhart,
"Coalition-Formation as a Result of Policy and Office <otivations in the German Federal States: An Empirical Estimate of the Weighting Parameters of Both Motivations," 111-130.

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last update January 2010