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Contents of Volume 15 Issue 4, July 2009

Charles Pattie and Ron Johnston,
"Still Talking, but Is Anyone Listening? The Changing Face of Constituency Campaigning in Britain, 1997-2005," 411-434.
David Brockington,
"It's about the Benefits: Choice Environments, Ideological Proximity and Individual Participation in 28 Democracies," 435-454.
Françoise Boucek,
"Rethinking Factionalism: Typologies, Intra-Party Dynamics and Three Faces of Factionalism," 455-485.
Omar Sanchez,
"Party Non-systems: A Conceptual Innovation," 487-520. 

Book Reviews
Paul Webb and Stephen White (eds), Party Politics in New Democracies.
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Party Politics, 15 (July, 2009), 523-525. (Reviewed by Paul G. Lewis
Bryon Moraski, Elections by Design: Parties and Patronage in Russia's Regions.
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Party Politics, 15 (July, 2009), 525-527. (Reviewed by Cameron Ross
Michel Huysseune, Modernity and Secession. The Social Sciences and the Political Discourse of the Lega Nord in Italy.
New York and Oxford:Berghahn Books, 2006.
Party Politics, 15 (July, 2009), 528-529. (Reviewed by Marco Brunazzo
Richard R. Lau and David P. Redlawsk, How Voters Decide: Information Processing during Election Campaigns.
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Jonas Hinnfors, Reinterpreting Social Democracy: a History of Stability in the British Labour Party and the Swedish Social Democratic Party.
Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2006.
Party Politics, 15 (July, 2009), 531-532. (Reviewed by Robin T. Pettitt)
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