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Contents of Volume 15 Issue 2, March 2009

Special Issue: Decentralization and State-Wide Parties
Guest Editors: Jonathan Hopkin and Pieter van Houten
Jonathan Hopkin and Pieter van Houten,
"Decentralization and State-wide Parties: Introduction," 131-135.
Pieter van Houten,
"Multi-level Relations in Political Parties: A Delegation Approach," 137-156.
Lori Thorlakson,
"Patterns of Party Integration, Influence and Autonomy in Seven Federations," 157-177.
Jonathan Hopkin,
"Party Matters: Devolution and Party Politics in Britain and Spain," 179-198.
Martino Mazzoleni,
"The Saliency of Regionalization in Party Systems: A Comparative Analysis of Regional Decentralization in Party Manifestos," 199-218.
Charlie Jeffery and Dan Hough,
"Understanding Post-devolution Elections in Scotland and Wales in Comparative Perspective," 219-240.

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Louise Davidson-Schmich, Becoming Party Politicians: Eastern German State Legislators in the Decade Following Democratization.
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Party Politics, 15 (March 2009), 252-253 (Reviewed by Dan Hough)
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