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Contents of Volume 14 Issue 5, September 2008

Marc Debus,
"Office and Policy Payoffs in Coalition Governments," 515-538.
Rainbow Murray,
"The Power of Sex and Incumbency: A Longitudinal Study of Electoral Performance in France," 539-554.
Jana Kunicova and Thomas Frederick Remington,
"Mandates, Parties and Dissent: Effect of Electoral Rules on Parliamentary Party Cohesion in the Russian State Duma, 1994-2003," 555-574.
David Cutts, Sarah Childs and Edward Fieldhouse,
"'This Is What Happens When You Don't Listen': All-Women Shortlists at the 2005 General Election," 575-595.
William Cross,
"Democratic Norms and Party Candidate Selection: Taking Contextual Factors into Account," 596-619.
Bonnie N. Field and Peter M. Siavelis,
"Candidate Selection Procedures in Transitional Polities: A Research Note," 620-639.

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Thomas Carothers, Confronting the Weakest Link: Aiding Political Parties in New Democracies.
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