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Contents of Volume 13 Issue 5, September 2007

Rekha Diwakar,
"Duverger's Law and the Size of the Indian Party System," 539-561.
Geoffrey Pridham,
"Legitimating European Union Accession? Political Elites and Public Opinion in Latvia, 2003-2004," 563-586.
Stephen K. Medvi,
"Old Democrats in New Clothing? An Ideological Analysis of a Democratic Party Faction," 587-609.
Carlos García-Rivero and Hennie Kotzé,
"Electoral Support for Islamic parties in the Middle East and North Africa," 611-636.

Book Reviews
Radical Right: Voters and Parties in the Electoral Market, by Pippa Norris.
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The Elections of 2004. by Michael Nelson, ed.
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Comparing Political Communication: Theories, Cases, and Challenges. Frank Esser and Barbara Pfetsch, eds.
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004.
Party Politics, 13 (September, 2007), 641-643. (Reviewed by Raymond Kuhn)
Interpreting the Labour Party: Approaches to Labour Politics and History. John Callaghan, Steven Fielding and Steve Ludlam (eds).
Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2003.
Party Politics, 13 (September, 2007), 643-645. (Reviewed by Andrew Thorpe)
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