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Contents of Volume 13 Issue 4, July 2007

Sarah L. de Lange,
"A New Winning Formula?: The Programmatic Appeal of the Radical Right," 411-435.
Lauri Karvonen,
"Legislation On Political Parties: A Global Comparison," 437-455.
Frank C. Thames,
"Discipline and Party Institutionalization in Post-Soviet Legislatures," 456-477.
Giacomo Benedetto and Lucia Quaglia,
"The Comparative Politics of Communist Euroscepticism in France, Italy and Spain," 478-499.
Michael Marsh,
"Candidates or Parties?: Objects of Electoral Choice in Ireland," 500-527.

Book Reviews
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Party Politics, 13 (July, 2007), 530-532. (Reviewed by Seth C. McKee)
Parlement puissant, électeurs absents? Les élections européennes de juin 2004, by Pascal Delwit and Philippe Poirier, eds.
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