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Contents of Volume 12 Issue 6, November 2006

André Blais, John H. Aldrich, Indridi H. Indridason and Renan Levine,
"Do Voters Vote for Government Coalitions? Testing Downs' Pessimistic Conclusion," 691-705.
Grigorii V. Golosov,
"The Structure of Party Alternatives and Voter Choice in Russia: Evidence from the 2003-2004 Regional Legislative Elections," 707-725.
Susan Booysen,
"The Will of the Parties Versus the Will of the People? Defections, Elections and Alliances in South Africa," 727-746.
Neil Carter,
"Party Politicization of the Environment in Britain," 747-767.

Book Reviews
How Parties Respond: Interest Aggregation Revisited, by Kay Lawson and Thomas Poguntke (eds).
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Political Parties in New Democracies: Party Organization in Southern and East-Central Europe, by Ingrid van Biezen.
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Party Politics 12 (September, 2006), 771-773. (Reviewed by Aleks Szczerbiak)
Patchwork Nation: Sectionalism and Political Change in American Politics, by James G. Gimpel and Jason E. Schuknecht.
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Party Politics 12 (September, 2006), 773-776. (Reviewed by Ron Johnston)
Contesting Capitalism? Left Parties and European Integration, by Richard Dunphy.
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Parties and the Party System in France: A Disconnected Democracy? by Andrew Knapp.
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Party Politics 12 (September, 2006), 779-780. (Reviewed by Robert Ladrech)
French Socialism in a Global Era: The Political Economy of the New Social Democracy in France, by Ben Clift.
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