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Contents of Volume 12 Issue 3, May 2006

Special Issue: Post-Authoritarian Parties
Guest Editor: John Ishiyama

John Ishiyama,
"Editor's Foreword," 315-316.
John Ishiyama and John James Quinn,
"African Phoenix? Explaining the Electoral Performance of the Formerly Dominant Parties in Africa," 317-340.
Luke March,
"Power and Opposition in the Former Soviet Union: The Communist Parties of Moldova and Russia," 341-365.
Tun-jen Cheng,
"Strategizing Party Adaptation: The Case of the Kuomintang," 367-394.
Joy Langston,
"The Changing Party of the Institutional Revolution: Electoral Competition and Decentralized Candidate Selection," 395-413.
Anna Grzymala-Busse,
"Authoritarian Determinants of Democratic Party Competition: The Communist Successor Parties in East Central Europe," 415-437.

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Party Politics 12 (May, 2006), 447-448. (Reviewed by John Peeler)
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