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Contents of Volume 12 Issue 2, March 2006

Simon Franzmann and André Kaiser,
"Locating Political Parties in Policy Space: A Reanalysis of Party Manifesto Data," 163-188.
Tim Bale and Torbjörn Bergman,
"A Taste of Honey Is Worse Than None at AlL? Coping with the Generic Challenges of Support Party Status in Sweden and New Zealand," 189-209.
Louise K. Davidson-Schmich,
"Implementation of Political Party Gender Quotas: Evidence from the German Länder 1990-2000," 211-232.
Kira Sanbonmatsu,
"The Legislative Party and Candidate Recruitment in the American States," 233-256.
Edurne Zoco,
"Legislators' Positions and Party System Competition in Central America: A Comparative Analysis," 257-280.
Benny Geys,
"District Magnitude, Social Heterogeneity and Local Party System Fragmentation," 281-297.

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