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Contents of Volume 11 Issue 6, November 2005

Special Issue: Emerging Party Systems
Guest Editor: Alexander C, Tan

Alexander C. Tan.
"Emerging Party Systems: An Introduction," 651-653.
Robert E. Bohrer II and Glen S. Krutz,
"The Devolved Party Systems of the United Kingdom: Sub-national Variations from the National Model," 654-673.
Uk Heo and Hans Stockton,
"The Impact of Democratic Transition on Elections and Parties in South Korea," 674-688.
Shale Horowitz and Eric C. Browne,
"Sources of Post-Communist Party System Consolidation: Ideology Versus Institutions," 689-706.
Carrie Manning,
"Assessing African Party Systems after the Third Wave," 707-727.
James Ockey,
"Variations on a Theme: Societal Cleavages and Party Orientations Through Multiple Transitions in Thailand," 728-747.
Rodelio Cruz Manacsa and Alexander C. Tan,
"Manufacturing Parties: Re-examining the Transient Nature of Philippine Political Parties," 748-765.

There were no book reviews in this special issue.
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