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Contents of Volume 11 Issue 5, September 2005

Karl Magnus Johansson and Tapio Raunio,
"Regulating Europarties: Cross-Party Coalitions Capitalizing on Incomplete Contracts," 515-534.
James N. Druckman and Andrew Roberts,
"Context and Coalition-bargaining: Comparing Portfolio Allocation in Eastern and Western Europe," 535-555.
Lisa A. Solowiej, Wendy L. Martinek and Thomas L. Brunell,
"Partisan Politics: The Impact of Party in the Confirmation of Minority and Female Federal Court Nominees," 557-577.
Woojin Moon,
"Decomposition of Regional Voting in South Korea: Ideological Conflicts and Regional Interests," 579-599.
Maria Spirova,
"Political Parties in Bulgaria: Organizational Trends in Comparative Perspective," 601-622.
Neal Allen and Brian J. Brox,
"The Roots of Third Party Voting: The 2000 Nader Campaign in Historical Perspective," 623-637.

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