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Contents of Volume 11 Issue 4, July 2005

Special Issue: Political Parties, Party Systems, and Democracy in Africa
Guest Editor: Shaheen Mozaffar

Shaheen Mozaffar,
"Introduction," 395-398.
Shaheen Mozaffar and James R. Scarritt,
"The Puzzle of African Party Systems," 399-421.
Michelle Kuenzi and Gina Lambright,
"Party Systems and Democratic Consolidation in Africa's Electoral Regimes," 423-446
Jessica Piombo,
"Political Parties, Social Demographics and the Decline of Ethnic Mobilization in South Africa, 1994-99," 447-470.
Lucy Creevey, Paul Ngomo and Richard Vengroff,
"Party Politics and Different Paths to Democratic Transitions: A Comparison of Benin and Senegal," 471-493.
Richard R. Marcus and Adrien M. Ratsimbaharison,
"Political Parties in Madagascar: Neopatrimonial Tools or Democratic Instruments?" 495-512.

There were no book reviews in this special issue.
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