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Contents of Volume 11 Issue 1, January 2005

Jonathan Knuckey,
"Racial Resentment and the Changing Partisanship of Southern Whites," 5-28.
Paul Pennings,
"Parties, Voters and Policy Priorities in the Netherlands, 1971-2002," 29-45.
Rick Farmer and Rich Fender,
"eParties: Democratic and Republican State Parties in 2000," 47-58.
Chia-Hung Tsai,
"Policy-making, Local Factions and Candidate Coordination in Single Non-Transferable Voting: A Case Study of Taiwan," 59-77.
John Gerring,
"Minor Parties in Plurality Electoral Systems," 79-107.
Bojan Todosijevic,
"Issues and Party Preferences in Hungary: A Comparison of Directional and Proximity Models," 109-126.

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