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Contents of Volume 10 Issue 6, November 2004

 Special Issue: Comparing Party Finance Across Democracies--Broadening the Debate
Guest Editors: Justin Fisher and Todd A. Eisenstadt

Justin Fisher and Todd A. Eisenstadt,
"Introduction: Comparative Party Finance: What is to be Done?" 619-626.
Jonathan Hopkin ,
"The Problem with Party Finance: Theoretical Perspectives on the Funding of Party Politics," 627-651.
Susan E. Scarrow,
"Explaining Political Finance Reforms: Competition and Context," 653-675.
Ben Clift and Justin Fisher,
"Comparative Party Finance Reform: The Cases of France and Britain," 677-699.
Ingrid van Biezen,
"Political Parties as Public Utilities,"701-722.
Todd A. Eisenstadt,
"Catching the State Off Guard: Electoral Courts, Campaign Finance, and Mexico's Separation of State and Ruling Party," 723-725.

[This special issue had no book reviews]
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