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Contents of Volume 10 Issue 5, September 2004

Brett M. Clifton,
"Romancing the GOP: Assessing the Strategies Used by the Christian Coalition to Influence the Republican Party," 475-498.
Jeffrey D. Grynaviski,
"The Impact of Electoral Rules on Factional Competition in the Democratic South, 1919-48," 499-519.
Michael Laver,
"Analysing Structures of Party Preference in Electronic Voting Data," 521-541.
Johannes Moenius and Yuko Kasuya,
"Measuring Party Linkage Across Districts: Some Party System Inflation Indices and their Properties," 543-564.
Stephen K. Wegren,
"The Communist Party of Russia: Rural Support and Implications for the Party System," 565-582.
Petra Meier,
"The Mutual Contagion Effect of Legal and Party Quotas: A Belgian Perspective," 583-600.

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