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Contents of Volume 10 Issue 4, July 2004

Special Issue: Special Issue: Party Members and Activists.
Guest Editors: Patrick Seyd and Paul Whiteley

Patrick Seyd and Paul Whiteley,
"British Party Members: An Overview," 355-366.
Karina Pedersen, Lars Bille, Roger Buch, Jørgen Elklit, Bernhard Hansen and Hans Jørgen Nielsen,
"Sleeping or Active Partners? Danish Party Members at the Turn of the Millennium," 367-383.
Jo Saglie and Knut Heidar,
"Democracy within Norwegian Political Parties: Complacency or Pressure for Change?" 385-405.
Michael Gallagher and Michael Marsh,
"Party Membership in Ireland: The Members of Fine Gael," 407-425.
William Cross and Lisa Young,
"The Contours of Political Party Membership in Canada," 427-444.
Walter J. Stone, Ronald B. Rapoport, and Monique B. Schneider,
"Party Members in a Three Party Election: Major-Party and Reform Activism in the 1996 American Presidential Election," 445-469.

[This special issue had no book reviews]
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