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Contents of Volume 9 Issue 5, September 2003

Special Issue: Party Organization and Campaigning at the Grass Roots
Guest Editors: R. Kenneth Carty and D. Munroe Eagles

R. Kenneth Carty and D. Munroe Eagles,
"Preface:Party Organization and Campaigning at the Grass Roots," 539.
David Denver, Gordon Hands, Justin Fisher and lain MacAllister,
"Constituency Campaigning in Britain 1992-2001: Centralization and Modernization," 541-59.
Kenneth Benoit and Michael Marsh,
"For a Few Euros More: Campaign Spending Effects in the Irish Local Elections of 1999," 561-582.
Ian Ward,
"'Localizing the National': The Rediscovery and Reshaping of Local Campaigning in Australia," 583-600.
David Denemark,
"Electoral Change, Inertia and Campaigns in New Zealand: The First Modern FPP Campaign in 1987 and the First MMP Campaign in 1996," 601 618.
R. Kenneth Carty, D. Munroe Eagles and Anthony Sayers,
"Candidates and Local Campaigns: Are There Just Four Canadian Types?" 619-636.
Paul Whiteley and Patrick Seyd,
"Party Election Campaigning in Britain: The Labour Party," 637-652.

[This special issue had no book reviews]

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