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Contents of Volume 9 Issue 4, July 2003

Daniele Caramani,
"The End of Silent Elections: The Birth of Electoral Competition, 1832-1915," 411-443.
Adrian Vatter,
"Legislative Party Fragmentation in Swiss Cantons: A Function of Cleavage Structures or Electoral Institutions?," 445-461
Saban Taniyici,
"Transformation of Political Islam in Turkey: Islamist Welfare Party's Pro-EU Turn," 463-483.
Giovanni M. Carbone,
"Political Parties in a 'No-Party Democracy': Hegemony and Opposition Under 'Movement Democracy' in Uganda," 485- 501.
MyoungHo Park ,
"Sub-National Sources of Multipartism in Parliamentary Elections: Evidence from Korea," 503-522.

Book reviews

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High-Intensity Participation: The Dynamics of Party Activism in Britain, Paul E Whiteley and Patrick Seyd
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Party Politics, 9 (July 2003), pp. 525-527. (Reviewed by R.K. Carty)
Political Parties After Communism: Developments in East-Central Europe, Tomás Kostelecky
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Party Politics, 9 (July 2003), pp. 527-529 (Reviewed by Paul G. Lewis)
Do Political Campaigns Matter? Campaign Effects in Elections and Referendums, David M. Farrell and Rudiger Schmitt-Beck
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Party Politics, 9 (July 2003), pp. 529-530. (Reviewed by Kelly D. Patterson)
In the Name of Social Democracy: The Great Transformation: 1945 to the Present, Gerassimos Moschonas
London: Verso, 2002.
Party Politics, 9 (July 2003), pp. 531-532 (Reviewed by Robert Ladrech)

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