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Contents of Volume 9 Issue 3, May 2003

Alan Siaroff,
"Two-and-a-Half-Party Systems and the Comparative Role of the 'Half'," 267-290.
Patrick Dunleavy and Françoise Boucek,
"Constructing the Number of Parties," 291-315.
John Bartle,
"Partisanship, Performance and Personality: Competing and Complementary Characterizations of the 2001 British General Election," 317-345.
Ngok Ma and Chi-Keung Choy,
"The Impact of Electoral Rule Change on Party Campaign Strategy: Hong Kong as a Case Study," 347-367.
Nicholas Aylott,
"After the Divorce: Social Democrats and Trade Unions in Sweden," 369-390.

Book reviews

New Labour's Grass Roots: The Transformation of Labour Party Membership,
Patrick Seyd and Paul Whiteley
Party Politics, 9 (March 2003), pp. 391-393. (Reviewed by Gordon Hands)
Euroscepticism in Contemporary British Politics: Opposition to Europe in the British Conservative and Labour Parties Since 1945,
Anthony Forster
Party Politics, 9 (March 2003), pp. 393-393. (Reviewed by Mark Aspinwall)
Days of Blue Loyalty. The Politics of Membership of the Fine Gael Party, Michael Gallagher and Michael Marsh
Party Politics, 9 (March 2003), pp. 395-396. (Reviewed by Anders Widfeldt)
Elections Without Order: Russia's Challenge to Vladimir Putin,
Richard Rose and Neil Munro
Party Politics, 9 (March 2003), pp. 396-398. (Reviewed by Matthew Wyman)
The Communist Party in Post-Soviet Russia,
Luke March
Party Politics, 9 (March 2003), pp. 398-400. (Reviewed by Sean Hanley
Redeeming the Communist Past: The Regeneration of Communist Parties in East Central Europe,
Anna Grzymala-Busse
Party Politics, 9 (March 2003), pp. 398-400. (Reviewed by Sean Hanley)

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