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Contents of Volume 8 Issue 4, July 2002

Special Issue: The Europeanization of Party Politics
Guest Editor: Robert Ladrech

Robert Ladrech,
"Preface," 387-388
Robert Ladrech,
"Europeanization and Political Parties: Towards a Framework for Analysis," 389-403.
Tapio Raunio,
"Why European Integration Increases Leadership Autonomy within Political Parties," 405-425.
Karl Magnus Johansson,
"Party Elites in Mutilevel Europe: The Christian Democrats and the Single European Act," 423-439.
Nicholas Aylott,
"Let's Discuss this Later: Party Responses to Euro-Division in Scandinavia," 441-461.
David Hanley,
"Christian Democracy and the Paradoxes of Europeanization: Flexibility, Competition and Collusion," 463-481.
Lieven De Winter and Margarita Gomez-Reino Cachafeiro,
"European Integration and Ethnoregionalist Parties," 483-503.

[This special issue had no book reviews.]

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