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Contents of Volume 7 Issue 6, November 2001

Yael Yishai,
"Bringing Society Back In: Post-Cartel Parties in Israel," 667-687.
Asher Arian and Michal Shamir,
"Candidates, Parties and Blocs: Israel in the 1990s," 689-710.
Ed Fieldhouse and Andrew Russell,
"Latent Liberalism? Sympathy and Support for the Liberal Democrats at the 1997 British General Election," 711-738.
Daniel A. Smith and Caroline J. Tolbert,
"The Initiative to Party: Partisanship and Ballot Initiatives in California," 739-757.

Book Reviews
New Labour in Government, Steve Ludlam and Martin J. Smith (eds). Basingstoke: Macmillan, 2001.
Party Politics, 7 (November 2001), pp. 759-761. (Reviewed by Phil Larkin)
Pursuing Majorities: Congressional Campaign Committees in American Politics, Robin Kolodny.
Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 1998.
Party Politics, 7 (November 2001), pp. 761-763. (Reviewed by Michael J. Malbin)
Party Elites in Divided Societies: Political Parties in Consociational Democracy,
Kurt Richard Luther and Kris Deschouwer (eds). London: Routledge, 1999.
Party Politics, 7 (November 2001), pp. 763-764. Reviewed by Wolfgang C. Müller)

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