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Contents of Volume 7 Issue 5, September 2001

Special Issue: Change in the Role of Parties in Democratization
Guest Editors: Robert Harmel and Jan Sundberg

Robert Harmel and Jan Sundberg,
"Preface," 539-541.
Paul G. Lewis,
"The `Third Wave' of Democracy in Eastern Europe: Comparative Perspectives on Party Roles and Political Development," 543-565.
James C. Franklin,
"The Role of Party-Led Dissent in Redemocratization: A Comparative Study," 567-580.
Michelle M. Taylor-Robinson,
"Old Parties and New Democracies: Do They Bring out the Best in One Another?" 581-604.
Kenneth Ka-Lok Chan,
"Structuralism Versus Intentionalism in Post-Communist Party System Evolution: The Polish Case," 605-619.
Jill Hopper,
"Parties in a New Germany: The CDU and FDP in Eastern Germany, 1989-94," 621-642.
Marina Costa Lobo,
"The Role of Political Parties in Portuguese Democratic Consolidation," 642-653.

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