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Contents of Volume 7 Issue 3, May 2001

Special Issue:
Democratizing Candidate Selection; Causes and Consequences
Guest Editors: Paul Pennings and Reuven Y. Hazan

Paul Pennings and Reuven Y. Hazan,
"Democratizing Candidate Selection: Causes and Consequences," 267-275.
Richard S. Katz,
"The Problem of Candidate Selection and Models of Party Democracy," 277-296.
Gideon Rahat and Reuven Y. Hazan,
"Candidate Selection Methods: An Analytical Framework," 297-322.
Lawrence LeDuc,
"Democratizing Party Leadership Selection," 323-341.
Jonathan Hopkin,
"Bringing the Members Back In? Democratizing Candidate Selection in Britain and Spain," 343-361.
Lars Bille,
"Democratizing a Democratic Procedure: Myth or Reality? Candidate Selection in Western European Parties, 1960-1990," 363-380.

[This special issue had no book reviews]

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