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Contents of Volume 6 Issue 1, January 2000

Kevin A. Hill and Nicol C. Rae,
"What Happened to the Democrats in the South? US House Elections, 1992-1996," 5-22.
Kevin Deegan Krause,
"Public Opinion and Party Choice in Slovakia and the Czech Republic," 23-46.
Gordon S. Hanson,
"Out of Cash: US Presidential Pre-Nominations," 47-59.
Charles Barrilleaux,
"Party Strength, Party Change and Policy-Making in the American States," 61-73.
Harold D. Clarke, Allan Kornberg, Faron Ellis and Jon Rapkin,
"Not for Fame or Fortune: A Note on Membership and Activity in the Canadian Reform Party," 75-93.
Efraim Torgovnik,
"Strategies under a New Electoral System: The Labor Party in the 1996 Israeli elections," 95-106.
Michael Keren,
"Political Perfectionism and the 'Anti-System' Party," 107-116.

Book Reviews
Changing Party Systems in Western Europe, David Broughton and Mark Donovan, eds. London: Pitner, 1998
Party Politics, 6 (January 2000), pp. 117-119. (Reviewed by Steven B. Wolinetz)
Political Parties, Growth and Equality: Conservative and Social Democratic Economic Strategies in the World Economy
Carles Boix. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1998
Party Politics, 6 (January 2000), pp. 119-120. (Reviewed by Rosa Mulé)
Stability and Change in German Elections, J. Anderson and Carsten Zelle, eds. Westport, CT and London: Praeger, 1998
Party Politics, 6 (January 2000), pp. 121-122. (Reviewed by Geoffrey K. Roberts)
New Zealand Adopts Proportional Representation: Accident? Design? Evolution? Keith Jackson and Alan McRobie
Aldershot: Ashgate, 1998
Party Politics, 6 (January 2000), pp. 122-124. (Reviewed by André Kaiser)
Truman Defeats Dewey, Gary A. Donaldson. KY: The University of Kentucky Press, 1998.
Party Politics, 6 (January 2000), pp. 124-125. (Reviewed by Iwan Morgan)

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