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Contents of Volume 5 Issue 4, October 1999

Takayuki Sakamoto,
"Explaining Electoral Reform: Japan versus Italy and New Zealand," 419-438.
Ronald L. Holzhacker,
"Campaign Communication and Strategic Responses to Change in the Electoral Environment: Germany after Reunification," 439-469.
Dean McSweeney,
"Changing the Rules Changed the Game: Selecting Conservative Leaders," 471-483.
Jonathan Knuckey,
"Religious Conservatives, the Republican Party and Evolving Party Coalitions in the United States," 485-496.
Thomas L. Brunell and William Koetzle,
"A Divided-Government-Based Explanation for the Decline in Resignations from the US Senate, 1834-1996," 497-505.
Kathleen A. Montgomery,
"Electoral Effects on Party Behavior and Development: Evidence from the Hungarian National Assembly," 507-523.
Aleks Szczerbiak,
"Testing Party Models in East-Central Europe: Local Party Organization in Postcommunist Poland," 525-537.

Book Reviews
Party Ideologies in America, 1828-1996, John Gerring. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1998
Party Politics, 5 (October 1999), pp. 539-541. (Reviewed by Samuel C. Patterson)
Britain for and against Europe: British Politics and the Question of European Integration
David Baker and David Seawright (eds). Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1998
Party Politics, 5 (October 1999), pp. 541-542. (Reviewed by Roger M. Scully)
An Important Matter of Principle: The Decline of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
David Seawright. Aldershot: Ashgate, 1999
Party Politics, 5 (October 1999), pp. 543-544. (Reviewed by James Mitchell)
Changing Party Policy in Britain: An Introduction, Richard Kelly (ed.). Oxford: Blackwell, 1998
Party Politics, 5 (October 1999), pp. 544-546. (Reviewed by David Denver)
Is the Comintern Coming Back? Wallace H. Spaulding
Lanham, MD, New York, and Oxford: University Press of America, 1998
Party Politics, 5 (October 1999), pp. 546-547. (Reviewed by Michael Hughes)
Les Partis Poliriques en Europe de l'Ouest
Guy Hermet, Julian Thomas Hottinger and Daniel-Louis Seiler (eds). Paris: Economica, 1998
Party Politics, 5 (October 1999), pp. 547-548. (Reviewed by Felia Allum)

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