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Contents of Volume 5 Issue 3, July 1999

Special Issue: Party Democracy and Direct Democracy
Guest Editors: Susan Scarrow and Patrick Seyd

Susan E. Scarrow,
"Democracy within--and without--Parties: Introduction," 275-282.
Andreas Ladner and Michael Brändle,
"Does Direct Democracy Matter for Political Parties? An Empirical Test in the Swiss Cantons," 283-302.
Wolfgang C. Müller,
"Plebiscitary Agenda-Setting and Party Strategies: Theoretical Considerations and Evidence from Austria," 303-315.
Darin David Barney and David Laycock,
"Right-Populists and Plebiscitary Politics in Canada," 317-339.
Susan E. Scarrow,
"Parties and the Expansion of Direct Democracy: Who Benefits?" 341-362.
Jan Teorell,
"A Deliberative Defence of Intra-Party Democracy," 363-382.
Patrick Seyd,
"New Parties/New Politics? A Case Study of the British Labour Party," 383-405.

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Ethnopolitics in the New Europe, John T. Ishiyama and Marikle Breuning
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Parties and Party Systems: A Bibliographic Guide to the Literature of Parties and Party Systems in Europe since 1945 on CD-ROM
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