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Contents of Volume 5 Issue 1, January 1999

Nathan Yanai,
"Why Do Political Parties Survive? An Analytical Discussion," 5-17.
Justin Fisher,
"Modelling the Decision to Donate by Individual Party Members: The Case of British Parties," 19-38.
R. J. Johnston and C. J. Pattie,
"Feeling Good and Changing One's Mind: A Longitudinal Investigation of Voters' Economic Evaluations and Partisan Choices," 39-54.
Kerstin Hamann and Barbara Sgouraki-Kinsey,
"Re-Entering Electoral Politics: Reputation and Party System Change in Spain and Greece," 55-77.
Miki Caul,
"Women's Representation in Parliament: The Role of Political Parties," 79-98.
James Forrest and Gary N. Marks,
"The Mass Media, Election Campaigning and Voter Response: The Australian Experience," 99-114.
Terry J. Royed and Stephen A. Borrelli,
"Parties and Economic Policy in the USA: Pledges and Performance, 1976-1992," 115-127.

Book Reviews
Political Parties in the European Union, Simon Hix and Christopher Lord. Basingstoke: Macmillan, 1997
Party Politics, 5 (January 1999), pp. 129-130. (Reviewed by John Gaffney)
Passages to Power: Legislative Recruitment in Advanced Democracies,
Pippa Norris (ed.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997
Party Politics, 5 (January 1999), pp. 130-131 (Reviewed by Roger M. Scully)
Generating Socialism: Recollections of Life in the Labour Party, Daniel Weinbren. Stroud: Sutton Publishing, 1997
Party Politics, 5 (January 1999), pp. 132-133. (Reviewed by Kevin Morgan)
Do Campaigns Matter? Thomas Holbrook. Newbury Park, CA: Sage, 1996
Party Politics, 5 (January 1999), pp. 133-135. (Reviewed by Shaun Bowler)
Challenges to Political Parties: The Case of Norway,
Kaare Strøm and Lars Svåsand (eds). Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press, 1997
Party Politics, 5 (January 1999), pp. 135-136. (Reviewed by Lars Bille)
L'électeur a ses raisons, Daniel Boy and Nonna Mayer (eds), Paris: Presses de Sciences Po, 1997
Party Politics, 5 (January 1999), pp. 136-138. (Reviewed by Jocelyn Evans)
The Paradox of Parties: Australian Political Parties in the 1990s.
Marian Simms (ed.). London: Allen & Urwin, 1997
Party Politics, 5 (January 1999), pp. 138-139. (Reviewed by David Charnock)

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