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Contents of Volume 3 Issue 3, July 1997

Special Issue:
Party Change
Guest Editors: Robert Harmel and Lars Svåsand

Robert Harmel and Lars Svåsand,
"'Preface' to Special Issue on Party Change," 291-292.
Wolfgang C. Müller,
"Inside the Black Box: A Confrontation of Party Organizational Change," 293-313.
Robert Harmel and Lars Svåsand,
"The Influence of New Parties on Old Parties' Platforms: The Cases of the Progress Parties and Conservative Parties of Denmark and Norway," 315-340.
Andrew M. Appleton and Daniel S. Ward,
"Party Response to Environmental Change: A Model of Organizational Innovation," 341-362.
Alexander C. Tan,
"Party Change and Party Membership Decline: An Exploratory Analysis," 363-377.
Lars Bille,
"Leadership Change and Party Change: The Case of the Danish Social Democratic Party, 1960-95," 379-390.
Dag Arne Christensen,
"Adaptation of Agrarian Parties in Norway and Sweden," 391-406.
Marie Demker,
"Changing Party Ideology: Gaullist Parties Facing Voters, Leaders and Competitors," 407-426.
Attila Ágh,
"Defeat and Success as Promoters of Party Change: The Hungarian Socialist Party after Two Abrupt Changes," 427-443.

Book Reviews
Blondel, Jean and Cotta, Maurizio (eds.), Government:
An Inquiry into the Relationship between Governments and Supporting Parties in Liberal Democracies
Basingstroke: Macmillan/New York: St. Martin's Press, 1996
Party Politics, 3 (July 1997), pp. 445-447 (Reviewed by Robert Ladrech)
Seldon, Anthony and Ball, Stuart (eds.), Conservative Century: The Conservative Party Since 1900
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1994
Party Politics, 3 (July 1997), pp. 451-453. (Reviewed by David Butler)

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