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Contents of Volume 3 Issue 1, January 1997

Grigorii V. Golosov,
"Russian Political Parties and the 'Bosses': Evidence from the 1994 Provincial Elections in Western Siberia," 5-21.
Percy Allum,
"'From Two Into One': The Faces of the Italian Christian Democratic Party," 23-52.
Malcolm Brynin and David Sanders,
"Party Identification, Political Preferences and Material Conditions: Evidence from the British Household Panel Survey, 1991-2, " 53-77.
Charles Pattie and Ron Johnston,
"Local Economic Contexts and Changing Party Allegiances at the 1992 British General Election," 79-96.
Jan Sundberg,
"Compulsory Party Democracy: Finland as a Deviant Case in Scandinavia," 97-117.
Philip Cowley and Mark Stuart,
"Sodomy, Slaughter, Sunday Shopping and Seatbelts: Free Votes in the House of Commons, 1979-1996," 119-130.

Book Reviews
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Change and Adaptation in Party Party Organizations in Western Democracies
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Party Politics, 3 (January 1997), pp. 131-2 (Reviewed by Robert Harmel)
Morgan, Roger and Tame, Clare (eds.), Parliaments and Parties:
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Party Politics, 3 (January 1997), pp. 132-4 (Reviewed by Francis Jacobs)
Mayer, William G. (ed.), In Pursuit of the White House: How We Choose Our Presidential Nominees
Chantham, NY: Chantham House, 1995
Party Politics, 3 (January 1997), pp. 134-6 (Reviewed by John C. Green)
Polsby, Nelson W. and Wildavsky, Aaron, Presidential Elections: Strategies and Structures of American Politics
Chantham, NJ: Chantham House, 1995
Party Politics, 3 (January 1997), pp. 136-8 (Reviewed by Robin Kolodny)
Crewe, Ivor and King, Anthony, SDP: The Birth, Life and Death of the Social Democratic Party
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1995
Party Politics, 3 (January 1997), pp. 138-40 (Reviewed by Vincent McKee)
Shaw, E.. The Labour Party Since 1979: Crisis and Transformation. London: Routledge, 1994
Party Politics, 3 (January 1997), pp. 140-2 (Reviewed by Tim Bale)
Castles, Frank, Gerritsen, Rolf and Vowles, Jack (eds.), The Great Experiment:
Labour Parties and Public Policy Transformation in Australia and New Zealand. Sydney: Allen & Unwin, 1996
Party Politics, 3 (January 1997), pp. 142-4. (Reviewed by Haydon Manning)

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