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Contents of Volume 2 Issue 4, October 1996

Livianna S. Tossutti,
"From Communitarian Protest Towards Institutionalization," 435-454.
Harold D. Clarke and Allan Kornberg,
"Partisan Dealignment, Electoral Choice and Party-System Change in Canada," 455-478.
Hanne Marthe Narud,
"Party Policies and Government Accountability: A Comparison between The Netherlands and Norway," 479-507.
Rudd Koole,
"Cadre, Catch-All or Cartel?: A Comment on the Notion of the Cartel Party," 509-525.
Richard S. Katz and Peter Mair,
"Cadre, Catch-All or Cartel?: A Rejoinder," 527-536.
Oda van Cranenburgh,
"Tanzania's 1995 Multi-Party Elections: The Emerging Party System," 537-549.
Piero Ignazi,
"The Crisis of Parties and the Rise of New Political Parties," 569-585.

Book Reviews
Lawson, Kay (ed.). How Political Parties Work. Westport, CT: Praeger, 19??
Party Politics, 2 (October 1996), pp. 609-610 (Reviewed by Alan Ware)
van Kersbergen, K. Social Capitalism: A Study of Christian Democracy and the Welfare State
London: Routledge, 1995
Party Politics, 2 (October 1996), pp. 610-612 (Reviewed by Jonathan Chaplin)
Bell, David, and Shaw, Eric (eds.) Conflict and Cohesion in Western European Social Democratic Parties
London: Pinter Publishers, 1994
Party Politics, 2 (October 1996), pp. 613-614 (Reviewed by David Broughton)

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