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Contents of Volume 2 Issue 2, April 1996

John T. Ishiyama,
"Red Phoenix?: The Communist Party in Post-Soviet Russian Politics," 147-175.
Sharon Werning Rivera,
"Historical Cleavages or Transition Mode?: Influences on Emerging Party Systems in Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia," 177-208.
Reuven Y. Hazan,
"Does Center Equal Middle?: Towards a Conceptual Delineation, with Application to West European Party Systems," 209-228.
Lisa Young,
"Women's Movements and Political Parties: A Canadian-American Comparison," 229-250.
Thomas A. Koelble,
"Economic Theories of Organization and the Politics of Institutional Design in Political Parties," 251-263.
Cas Mudde,
"The Paradox of the Anti-Party Party: Insights from the Extreme Right," 265-276.

Book Reviews
Franklin, Bob, Packaging Politics: Political Communication in Britain's Media Democracy
London: Edward Arnold, 1944
Party Politics, 2 (April, 1996), pp. 277-278 (Reviewed by Stephan C.M. Henneberg)
Wattenberg, Martin P. The Decline of American Political Parties 1952-1992
Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1994
Party Politics, 2 (April, 1996), pp. 279-280 (Reviewed by Daniel S. Ward)
Lenart, Silvo. Shaping Political Attitudes: The Impact of Interpersonal Communication and Mass Media
London: Sage, 1994
Party Politics, 2 (April, 1996), pp. 280-282 (Reviewed by Margaret Scammell)
Klingemann, Hans-Dieter, Hofferbert, Richard I., and Budge, Ian. Parties, Policies, and Democracy
Boulder, CO and San-Francisco, CA: Westview Press, 1994
Party Politics, 2 (April, 1996), pp. 282-284 (Reviewed by Richard Topf)
Eldersveld, Samuel J. Party Conflict and Community Development. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1995
Party Politics, 2 (April, 1996), pp. 285-286 (Reviewed by Jeffrey M. Berry)
Herrnson, Paul S. Congressional Elections: Campaigning at Home and in Washington. Washington, DC: CQ Press, 1995
Party Politics, 2 (April, 1996), pp. 286-288 (Reviewed by Stephen J. Stambough)

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