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Contents of Volume 1 Issue 4, October 1995

Special Issue:
Party Politics in Eastern Europe
Guest Editor: Michael Waller

Michael Waller,
"'Editorial' to a Special Issue on Party Politics in Eastern Europe," 443-445.
Herbert Kitschelt,
"Formation of Party Cleavages in Post-Communist Democracies: Theoretical Propositions," 447-472.
Michael Waller,
"Adaptation of the Former Communist Parties of East-Central Europe:A Case of Social-democratization?" 473-490.
Attila Ágh,
"Partial Consolidation of the East-Central European Parties: The Case of the Hungarian Socialist Party," 491-514.
Petr Kopecky,
"Developing Party Organizations in East-Central Europe: What Type of Party is Likely to Emerge?" 515-534.
Matthew Wyman, Stephen White, Bill Miller and Paul Heywood,
"The Place of 'Party' in Post Communist Europe," Party Politics , 1 (October, 1995), 535-548.
Richard Rose,
"Mobilizing Demobilized Voters in Post-Communist Societies," 549-563.
Geoffrey Evans and Stephen Whitefield,
"Economic Ideology and Political Success: Communist successor Parties in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary Compared," 565-578.
Georgi Karasimeonov,
"Parliamentary Elections of 1994 and the Development of the Bulgarian Party System," 579-587.
Dieter Segert,
"The East German CDU: An Historical or a Post-communist Party?" 589-598.
Paul G. Lewis and Radzislawa Gortat,
"Models of Party Development and Questions of State Dependence in Poland," 599-608.
Gordon Wightman and Sona Szomolányi,
"Parties and Society in Slovakia," 609-618.

[This special issue had no book reviews.]

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