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Contents of Volume 1 Issue 3, July 1995

Paul D. Webb,
"Are British Political Parties in Decline?" 292-322.
Dietrich Thranhardt,
"The Political Uses of Xenophobia in England, France, and Germany," 323-345.
Douglas W. Jaenicke,
"The Rupture of the Antebellum Democratic Party: Prelude to Southern Secessions from the Union," 347-367.
Joseph A. Schlesinger and Mildred S. Schlesinger,
"French Parties and the Legislative Elections of 1993," 369-380.
Robert B. Mattes, Amanda Gouws and Hennie J. Kotze,
"The Emerging Party System in the New South Africa," 381-395.
Peter Burnell,
"Building on the Past?: Party Politics in Zambia's Third Republic," 397-405.
Sarah Perrigo,
"Gender Struggles in the British Labour Party from 1979 to 1995," 407-417.
Nicholas Aylott,
"Back to the Future: The 1994 Swedish Election," 419-429.

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