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Contents of Volume 1 Issue 2, April 1995

Kenneth Janda, Robert Harmel, Christine Edens and Patricia Goff,
"Changes in Party Identity: Evidence from Party Manifestos,"
Ian McAllister and Donley T. Studlar,
"New Politics and Partisan Alignment: Values, Ideology and Elites in Australia,"
Gunnar Grendstad,
"Party Followership and Leadership in Norway: A Political Culture Approach,"
Martin P. Wattenberg,
"Why Clinton Won and Dukakis Lost: An Analysis of the Candidate-centered Nature of American Party Politics,"
R.J. Johnston and C.J. Pattie,
"The Impact of Spending on Party Constituency Campaigns at Recent British General Elections,"
Andrew Geddes,
"The 'Logic' of Positive Action?: Ethnic Minority Representation in Britain After the 1992 General Election,"

Book Reviews:

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Party Politics, 1 (April, 1995), pp. 289-290 (Reviewed by Keith Dowding)
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Coalition Formation and Government Functioning in Twenty States. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1993
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